Heavy Duty Tarps

Our Tarps for hire are high quality and super heavy duty. They are made from non-rip PVC material. They feature eyelets and rope every metre all the way around making them easy to secure. 

Heavy Duty Tarps are ideal for roof covering and have a variety of other uses including:

  • Home renovations
  • Truck covering
  • Weatherproofing goods in storage
  • Storm damage cover
  • Large scale projects
  • Agriculture and grain storage

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Product Specifications


CT1000 weighing 630gsm. Tear resistant. Fungal and fire retardant. This material will last under heavy use for up to 8 years. It has excellent wearing capacity and will not crack under extreme flapping. PVC is ideally used for heavy duty tarpaulins in the trucking and construction industries. PVC is an easy material to repair which makes long term maintenance easy and cost effective. 

Canvacon 5000

Canvacon 5000 is well known in the building industry for its role in the second story liner market. The important benefit of Canvacon is its ability to be punctured and be tear resistant as a result, which is important on building sites. There are many imitation polypropylenes on the market but not many with the UV stabiliser and strength of Canvacon. Because of its durability this product can be made into tarpaulins. It can also be sewn or welded for strength into a very large lightweight sheet with many uses such as shade covers in the agricultural industry, grain storage cover for grain bunkers, as second story liners or custom made boat covers. This product is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 years full time outside providing it is properly secured. 



Landmark is a 100% polypropylene fabric. It is a new style of material that offers several performance advantages over traditional polyethylene and PVC coated fabrics. It is UV treated which gives it a long life if secured appropriately. Landmark will withstand 50000 flex cycles which gives it a longer life in the field compared to other polypropylene products. Landmark is used in a wide range of applications from grain bunker storage to construction tarpaulin use. 


Tarpee is a 14 x 14 1300 denier premium quality woven PE sheeting. Manufactured using Sulzer weaving looms it does not suffer from some of the problems associated with products manufactured using water jet weaving. This product is also UV treated and is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 3 years outside providing it is properly secured. Tarpee is used for cotton modules, grain covers, dam liners, tents, flooring, bags static covers, builders sheets and many other uses. Tarpee also has puncture and tear resistance, which is a good material for use on building sites for large covering jobs. This is more cost effective over long periods of time than hiring tarpaulins.